Who We Are.  What We Do.

Jaazle is a full-service career planning and job search practice. Services are offered face to face in the Tampa Bay, Florida region and online coast to coast and across the world. The significance of training through Jaazle is that we provide you a process that improves your ability to promote your value to potential employers.

Our commitment to your success and professionalism directs every decision we make and every interface we have with our valued clients. Our goal is to teach you how to become a more strategic decision-maker to make the best choices for your career and life.

The hiring of a career coach is an important decision. Before you make your selection, ask us about our qualifications and experience.


               “Attention: Civic Organizations, Clubs, Professional Associations, Networking Groups, Colleges and Universities, Churches and Religious Organizations  and Individuals.”

It’s Not Your Parent’s Job Search Anymore.

Invite a career doctor to speak with your group on how to diagnostically evaluate their career readiness.  What are the threats and challenges to their employment success and careers in the future?  Global opportunities, workforce reductions, just in time jobs, career shifts, and contingent and contract employment affect the workforce marketplace. Part-time and multiple jobs, self-employment and entrepreneurial dreams separately cause a myriad of threats and barriers to success.  What worked for one generation does not necessary work for the next.  A job search must be viewed as contextual to time, place and people of that period.

Invite Larry to Speak to Members


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