A job search is a value proposition.  You must offer an employer something of worth if you expect to be invited to the interview.

How Can I Benefit From a Career and Job Search Coach and Adviser?

Career and job search coaching are task oriented activities. Coaching is encouraged when you need guidance on specific issues. The emphasis is on the real matter. An example may be that your current employment makes it difficult to conduct a proper job search. Another example may be that you have a specific barrier ‘haunting’ you from conducting an effective job search. It might be that interviewing is not your forte, or that it is difficult for you to express your value. This type of training requires a subject matter expert who can teach you how to add strength and value.”

When to consider bringing on a coach?

When an individual…

  • seeks a position with greater rewards
  • wants to make a career switch
  • underemployed or unemployed
  • graduating soon from college
  • returning to the workforce
  • moving to another area; to another city, state or across the country
  • needs assistance in identifying a new skill in order to transition to another job or career
  • Retired and find that you need to return to the workforce to generate more income  
  • …and a whole lot more.


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