“Job Seekers that participate in these trainings show a dramatic increase in their job search achievements when aligning their search efforts with Larry’s instructions.”

Live Training With LARRY


      • Live online professional training
      • Online training tutorials range from $10 to $25
      • Open and available days, weekends and evenings
      • Select an available time or request a time
      • Fine-tuned to address your personal needs
      • Solutions to your most difficult questions, concerns, and issues

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The best time to plan a job search is when you are not looking for a job. The best time to write your résumé is when you do not need a résumé. Undertaking a job search now is very different from the past. Coming to terms with these differences will only help improve your efforts. It is a fact now that people beginning employment today will face this process as many as 9 – 13 times during their lifetime. This could add up to as many as 12,000 weeks in one’s lifetime.  Seeking employment will be an evolving and lifelong process for the duration of one’s employment life. You will want to be prepared when the door of opportunity opens. One of the most effective ways to assure that you are ready is to add another designation, in the form of a career advisor, to your help list of doctor, accountant, exercise coach or mechanic.  It may be your ticket towards accomplishing your career and life goals.

Choose a service from our list. BT2P Services is delivered Face 2 Face [Tampa, FL], online via Skype, or Google Hangouts. Payment by Paypal, Check, Money Order or Cash. Call or write Larry Goldsmith for information on cost and how we can bring value to you.

Career Strategy Résumé Critique Job Search Plan
Career Development Résumé Writing Networking
Career Planning Career Portfolio SWOT Analysis
College Major Barrier Analysis  Interviewing

PayPal is the safer, easier way to pay.  Use your credit card online without exposing your card number to merchants.  Speed through checkout.  No need to enter your card number or address.  Personal checks are also accepted. 

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