Align Your Job Search with a Strategy

by Larry Goldsmith

Job seekers who align their search with a strategy improve their outcome of success greatly.  Select your targets by developing a job search strategy.  Conduct you job search with confidence by following a plan.  Develop your strategic plan from this list or create your own strategy.

Apply directly to organizations of  interest to you, Take temp positions, Contact professional organizations and affiliations in your field, Create a job search office, Create a list of target companies, create a personalized marketing plan, Create a social media presence, Create a LinkedIn account, Tweet, Open a professional Facebook site, Create a system for tracking your search, Define yourself, Determine a job target, Develop a Stick-to-it Attitude, Eliminate objections, Exploit a proactive self-assured style, Carry a networking business card, Find a mentor, Follow-up regularly, Go for all opportunities, Fix your barriers, Join clubs and organizations, Volunteer, Intern, Learn the hiring cycle, Get a devil’s advocate to challenge you, Maintain a positive, upbeat attitude, Follow a business schedule,  Network and more network, Participate in job fairs, Attend Tweet up events, Meet with a professional résumé writer, Practice mock interviews, Set goals, Connect goals with objectives, Start your job search now, Develop cold calling and canvassing skills, Learn how to close a sale, Study company web sites, Take advantage of local search resources, Use a placement Agency, Find a recruiter, Search out headhunters, Connect with your alumni, Visit college search Sites, Visit company web sites, Turn off your computer – talk to people, Follow economic development leads, Take a break, Do informational interviews, Study annual reports, follow promotions, moves and changes, Learn how to interpret labor market information, Visit one stop centers, Place ad in newspaper, Learn how to interpret classified ads, Ask for a promotion, Visit your Chamber of Commerce, Hire an executive job coach, Search your job through the phone directory, Research manufacturing directories, Learn from a professional salesperson, move on when something  does not work, Read the blogs of targeted companies – make insightful comments, Do a good deed today.  Walk fast – display a sense of urgency.

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